Left Hand Thread


Left Hand Thread is… well, it’s just me, Andrew.

I’m a freelance writer, primarily plying my trade as a motoring writer with over a decade’s experience in the area.

This covers every aspect of four-wheeled (and occasionally three-wheeled, and sometimes six-wheeled) vehicles — both real and virtual, in racing games and esports — from design and engineering to driving. Indeed I’ve even built a car for an article during my career thus far!

I didn’t train as a writer of any kind, instead going into the sciences and working in research in the field of molecular biology. The segue into writing came in my mid-30s when I was asked to cover a motorsports event for an internet forum of which I was a long-term member.

That lit a spark that allowed me to turn a lifelong interest in cars — my father had been an amateur rally driver and we always had some weird cars on the drive — into something that paid the bills. Since then I’ve worked for dozens of clients, sometimes employed but usually freelance, across print media, digital, and video.

Along with being on the business end of a keyboard or holding onto a steering wheel, I can be found behind a camera too. Sometimes that’s taking my own photos for reviews or articles, but I’ve also worked as a photographer for vehicle photoshoots for clients and their customers.

I’ve been on the other side of the lens, presenting car review and product review videos. That doesn’t just cover my face, as I’ve also been on the commentary team for some live-streamed, virtual endurance races.

As for the name “Left Hand Thread”… well, I’m left-handed and I write stories. It’s also an engineering term used to refer to a bolt/nut threaded in the opposite direction to usual; this is often a vital component in a vehicle, without which the whole thing simply doesn’t work…

If that all sounds like something you could work with, please feel free to contact me.