Naturally writing is my primary, day-to-day activity, and over the past decade I’ve produced copy for dozens of outlets and clients.

I’m able to write about any aspect of the automotive sphere, and to any style. As well as regular news reporting, with rapid turnaround, I can produce short or long features, create video scripts, or even just write a listicle. Whether it’s first drives and road tests, or deep dives into engineering and design, I can write it all!

Regular writing also includes car descriptions for vehicle sales listings, which requires significant knowledge of, and the ability to accurately research, individual models. On one occasion I’ve even produced an entire press pack for a car — distributed to other motoring writers — which required meetings with the vehicle’s engineering team.

Indeed I have extensive interview experience too, including senior figures in several motoring, motorsport, and racing game brands — meeting some of my own personal heroes in the process — as well as chatting to car owners about their cherished vehicle.

Alongside my own writing, I’ve also got plenty of experience in proof-reading and sub-editing other writers, and currently I’m editor in chief of the world’s largest racing game site, GTPlanet. That includes a great deal of community management too, and I’ve written two books on the subject of the Gran Turismo racing game series.

I’m also the website editor of the Northern Group of Motoring Writers, the largest and oldest regional motoring writer group in the UK. Across over a decade of writing, my clients and outlets have included:

However I’m always on the lookout for more, so please feel free to contact me if you have a project you think would benefit from my expertise.