Other Media

Although you can most commonly find me at a keyboard, behind a camera, or in a driving seat, I have some experience of being the face or voice of audio-visual media too.

I’ve appeared delivering car and product reviews, participating in interviews with industry figures, and giving commentary during virtual races. Occasionally I’ve also been in the role of interviewee too!

Currently you won’t find all that much on my YouTube channel, Left Hand Thread, though I have recently refreshed and rebranded it in order to deliver some content in the coming months.

Car Reviews

While working at Blackball Media, I wrote scripts for car reviews for our external clients. Our regular presenter was unexpectedly unavailable, so I filled in to present my own scripts for a five-car series — filmed, produced, and edited by the experienced Blackball team. Only three of these videos remain accessible, and the Mazda 2 video above is one of those three.


Along with practically everyone else during 2020-2022, I had to adapt to “prevailing global conditions” and conduct interviews from home rather than in person. Above is one of the interviews, with top-level sim-racer Emily Jones, produced by GTPlanet and filmed in November 2020.

Race Commentary

As one of the senior figures at GTPlanet, I was part of the team behind the GTPlanet Endurance Series (GTPES) in 2015. We ran a number of online endurance races in the Gran Turismo 6 sim, predating events like the Le Mans Esports Series by several years. I was in the commentary booth for many events, alongside other guests like real-life motorsport commentator Tom Brooks.